Yemeni Lunch

 رز (roz/rice)
 دجاج (digag/chicken)
خضروات (khadrawat/vegetables)
صانونه (Sanunah/vegetable sauce)

This is a simple meal, nothing too fancy, but very typical in the Southern part of Yemen. Cooked fresh by my mother, so it’s a home cooked meal.


Belgian Breakfast

– Havermout (oatmeal)
– Gemixt fruit (mixed fruit)
– Koffie (coffee)

I actually should have eaten bread for this breakfast with you, I believe that’s more representative of a Belgian breakfast. If you think about it, Belgians really have a bread culture. I remember in the 80’s when my parents hung a bag in front of the house, near the mailbox. The baker would then drive past all the houses in the neighborhood and place either white bread (wit brood) or grey bread (grijs brood) in the bag, depending on if you wrote “white” or “grey” on the bag.

But that’s how it was back then I suppose, food was much more simple. Even before that time, I remember my grandparents usually ate a simple breakfast: bread with eggs. Actually, they usually also ate some meat with it. In that sense they were lucky because it wasn’t common to get meat on your plate back then. But there was a small forest next to my grandparents house, so everyday my grandfather placed traps to catch bunnies which they could then eat.



– Cơm (Rice)
– Cánh gà nướng (Grilled chicken wings)
– Rau (Vegetables)