– Pullover (brand: Salsa)
– Jeans (brand: Salsa)
– Botten/Boots (brand: Bullboxer)

When I’m working from home, I dress mostly the same as when working from the office, except for special events. I usually wear jeans, a t-shirt (not visible here) and a pullover on top, with shoes or boots. At home I often do not wear shoes (rather socks or slippers), but now I just came from the supermarket over lunch, and didn’t take the time to take off my shoes. The jeans and pullover are some of my favorites that I regularly wear, and I picked them without thinking too much about it. The jeans has some holes in it though, so I will probably not wear it that long anymore.

The pullover I was wearing because it’s still chilly outside, and the temperature in the room wasn’t too warm (yet). When it’s warmer (inside or outside) I take it off so I sit in a t-shirt. The boots I also mainly wear in autumn / winter / early spring, when it gets warmer I usually wear low-top shoes. Jeans I wear pretty much all year round.

I want my clothes to look good, but also don’t spend too much time thinking about it when I choose what to wear. So I usually stick to my favourite brand, which is Salsa, as I think they look really nice and are easy to combine with other clothes.