Canadian Lunch 

– Kadyos (beans, jackfruit, pork (but usually it’s beef))
– Rice
– Melon

My mother made Kadyos, which is a typical Filipino dish. It’s actually a popular comfort food unique to IloIlo, a provence in the Philippines where I grew up until I was about five years old.

My mother made this dish a lot when I was growing up here in Canada. When I visited my hometown in Iloilo when I got older, I had the chance to taste the local version. My god I was blown away, it tastes so good, I’m not sure why that is.

Maybe it’s the local ingredients, or the whole psychology around it, but the pork seemed much more chewier back there.

*This project is not about what typical food in a certain country is, it’s about what someone in a country eats, which can be any food.