What is everyone.. wearing?

Right now, do you think a person on the other side of the planet from you is wearing the same type of clothes as you are? If not, why do you believe they are wearing something different? Is it because of cultural differences? Or maybe it’s the climate, the time of day, gender, fashion taste, economic status, etc.?

To find out, as a part of my project What is Everyone.., I am collecting pictures of clothes from a person in each country of the world. Of course, I can’t just travel to each country in the world on a whim, especially now with the pandemic.

That’s why I decided to email hitchhike: email a person and ask them for a picture of the clothes they’re wearing when they read the email. Then, ask them to forward me/my email to someone they know in another country, this until I’ve got a picture from someone in each country in the world.