To kick off my email hitchhiking project, I’ve submitted my own pictures of the clothes I’m wearing at the moment.

What are you wearing? In the picture above (left), you can see my banana socks! On the right, you can see I’m also wearing a jeans, a simple light-blue T-shirt and a black thermal long-sleeve shirt on top of that.

Why am I wearing these clothes? I picked the socks at random out of my closet, but it’s always fun to wear them as my girlfriend gave them to me as a birthday present. The bananas refer to a running gag in our friend group :). I’m wearing these pants and shirts because they’re comfortable and appropriate for wearing at home.

How did the weather/climate/season impact your clothing choice? It’s the tail end of Winter. Currently, it’s late in the afternoon, sunny, but still a bit chilly at 9°C. In the room I’m sitting in, I’m constantly turning the electrical heater on and off to get the right temperature. As such, I’m also wearing my long sleeved t-shirt which is easy to put on and take off if it get’s too cold/warm.

How did fashion come into play when choosing your clothes? As I’m at home, it didn’t really come into play. The black shirt on top of the blue shirt is a pretty bad fashion choice, to be honest.

Is there anything else that you believe impacted your clothing choice? These clothes weren’t too expensive. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else at the moment.